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Allen has worked on both sides of the microphone. He has voiced projects for CBS, Discovery, TLC, History Channel, to PBS and many others.

His predominate style is classy and smooth, but his many years of training and experience provide him with great versatility in many genres. In an effort to always learn and hone his skills, Allen is currently working with LA voice coach Nancy Wolfson. He has also studied with Marice Tobias.

Allen has extensive audio production experience. He works both on location and from his home studio. Consequently, working with him is always effortless, for both the producer and the engineer, because of his hands on understanding and appreciation of the recording process.



Allen Farmer is a pro’s pro. The cadence and timbre of his voice, the nuance of the reads, and the options he brings to the table set Allen apart.

Bill Lindsey

Company : TwoXFour Chicago
Designation : Creative Director

There are plenty of golden voices, but far too few who can tell a story the way you want and need it to be told. Allen’s reads are intelligent and emotive. He really cares about our projects, and it shows.

Greg Andermann

Company : A2 Media
Designation : Executive Producer

Allen is a talented voiceover artist. His strength is in the spare, understated power of his delivery. His sound works great for just about anything, but especially for my high tech and high concept productions. He has a PBS documentary style that elevates whatever copy you give him.

Jonathan K. Markella

Company : MK3 Creative Director
Designation : Senior Creative Director

I’ve been directing and recording voice talent for twenty years, and in all those years there is no one I have met who can match Allen for a voice that immediately conveys gravitas, authority, intelligence, pride, and tenderness – all at once. Allen blows my clients away time after time, and he does so with humility.

Mark Schultz

Company : Shake Audio Post at MilkBoy
Designation : CAS Creative Director

Accessibly Grand. Admit it, sometimes you just want an announcer. Not a bully, not a ploy, just someone who’s simply proud of the product. That’s Allen Farmer. Coaching and casting Allen on an impressive range of projects continues to be a delightful ride.

Nancy Wolfson

Company : Braintracks Audio
Designation : Brand Consultant/Coach/Casting Director

I really appreciate your willingness to work with us to find the right tone. It’s always refreshing when talent is eager to make it stellar. Thanks a ton for your performance and positive attitude.

Amy Williams

Company : Brothers and Company Advertising
Designation : Writer/Producer

Allen is a rare talent and a treat to work with. His attitude, skill, and intuition are one in a million…and his voice isn’t half bad either.

Dustin Ballard

Company : Head-Richards Group
Designation : Creative Group

The pool of talented voiceover narrators is so large that to stand out in that crowd really says something. Allen Farmer is one of those narrators who stands out. He invests himself fully in the content of the show so that each line read really means something. He needs little direction because his storytelling instincts are strong, but responds extremely well to direction.

Julie Nadezna

Company : National Geographic Channel
Designation : Writer/Producer


Allen Farmer - Direct

Studio: 972.312.1488

Cell: 818.738.0093

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